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Code Keys

Our specialized code key cutting services include key cutting to code using our Silca computerised key machine. With it's large database of codes we are able to cut many different types of keys from the leading brands. Including BISLEY, LOWE & FLETCHER, RONIS, OJMAR, LAS, MLM, HUWIL,BMB, HAFELE, DOM, MERONI, UNION, YALE, WEST ALLOY, RONEO, NATIONAL CHICAGO.

Keys are cut from our Twickenham shop and we are able to cut the code keys within a few minutes.

To identify the code there will be a code just around where the key would enter on the lock. To identify the manufacturer of the lock there will be a logo on the key.

We are also able to order code keys via our special ordering service for keys we are not able to do from stock or codes that are not released by the manufacturers.

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